Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In praise of routines and exploring options...

Good morning! So today's instalment is coming to you from my local coffee shop (which is actually a chain - but close to the drop off where Mom is buying groceries). I generally use this as my opportunity to do other errands like picking up bread, going to the bank etc. But most times I just go for coffee bring my iPad and surf the net. A bit of a time waster - which is okay.

 For 2016 I'd like to do a bit more documentation of my work - and have a bit more of my own work to document. I started a journal to keep the scraps and bits / ask the random questions / feelings and thoughts for my Improv Quilt Handbook QAL group that I recently joined. My LQS has just recently started a Monday "Sewcialites" day for unstructured sew days. It runs whether there is no one - someone - everyone! This will be my Quilt In Process day in which I work on my current UFOs. My goal here is to keep working on one UFO until at least the top is done. If all goes well I'd keep at it until it's sandwiched quilted and has it's binding. As in "completed". I hoped to put the kibosh on signing up for more quilt classes, yet managed to sign up for 2 "mini classes" on the weekend despite this. But both are "technique driven" so I think this is okay. Workshop 1 is learning how to sew in zippers which my "Sew Together Bag" requires. I already have the pattern and the fabrics - so this will keep me moving forward with stash reduction. The second class is on the ins and outs of sashing - which is a complete mystery to me.


I am having a difficult time keeping on track with the first limitation "choose 3 fabrics" I'm down to choosing 3 colours in varying shades yellow / green / orange. Having said that the pink snuck in there somehow and purple is waiting stage right. Everybody wants to join the parade. My personal goal was to use stash only. Technically I have - but I purchased some one fabric last week without intending to use it for this. I may need thin out my fabric choices further - mantra less is more.

This is my second attempt at fabric selection. My first round was picking fabrics from the stash that I didn't like much and was willing to let go for "experimental purposes". After reading the thoughts and reflections of a few others regarding fabric selection - I decided to pull the fabrics I love. Not all my lovelies play together nicely (some pretty big personalities there) so some fabrics went back on the shelf. I am also flummoxed about modern theme fabrics with novelties and traditional. At the end of the day I've decided if I don't get something happening here I may as well just go back to patterns. No  surrender! 

Happy Stitching!

(linked to the Needle & Thread Network - WIP Wednesday).


  1. It looks like you're having a fun week. The concept of a UFO focused day is an interesting one, I'd be curious to know how it works out for you.

    1. Thus far I am making some progress in that I am only working on my UFO when I go to the Monday Sewcials - I keep it all packed and ready to go - so I keep my eye on the prize : ) Once the top is done it might be a completely different story!

  2. Your improv journal is a great idea. I'm looking forward to reading more about your progress! Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

    1. Having the weekly WIP Wednesday has kept me a bit more on track with updating my blog - thank you for initiating it!