Friday, June 5, 2015

Quilt Canada - Day 1

Joke of the day:

How do you make God laugh?
     - make plans

Miz Rosie & her Weekend Bag (Amy Butler pattern)

So Miz Rosie and I hit the road for our first  Quilt Canada conference in Lethbridge. As I alluded to in my earlier post, I'd been packing and planning what to bring mentally for a couple of weeks (project in - project out) and physically a few days ahead (and the winners are! Chatter of Houses & new Boho Bag pattern). And this is where the joke comes in: I packed everything from soup to nuts including my sewing machine, rotary cutters, threads, thimbles, needles, clothes, coffee perk, ipad, on and on and on - everything I needed - except for one bag. The one with my projects. Yes - sad but true. And by the time I realised it we had already been to the vendors, come to the condo (we are living the lifestyle baby!) had a glass of wine, gone for dinner, and were just settling in for an evening stitch when OMG!!!  

Phone call home:

Me:  Hi ! I'm here at conference...
Old Guy: Great...
Me: Did I leave a bag at the front door?
Old Guy: Hmmm - no
Me : Did I leave it on the porch?
Old Guy: No....

Me: (oooohhhh noooo! someone has absconded the my bag of gold) Are you sure??????

(short story long - my bag of gold is sitting in the backroom all ready to go). Luckily - there are 101 vendors waiting anxiously to help me spend my quickly dwindling stash of nickles dimes and pennies. I will revisit them today.  New project is to make a charm pack table runner with a freebie pattern I given at a booth earlier... Tula is anxiously waiting to get that first chunk of fabric under her foot.

Here are a few pics from Day 1:

Wall Art - Turner Valley - next to the ChuckWagon Restaurant - best Alberta Beef Burgers ever! (featured in the "You gotta Eat Here" TV show)

Day One - Vendor Stash! Lots to see and with shops and goodies from British Columbia, Montana, Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta - all in one spacious venue! I  was able to find some lovely fabrics for my upcoming Jen Kingwell Circle Game class coming up end of month...

And of course time for wine... in snazzy glasses

And out for for the Black Tomato Pub Thursday night special - 2 drinks and 2 apps for 
$22.00 (in which we had a beer / gin & tonic / calamari and nachos

Evening Entertainment: 2 young punk skunks raced us along the roadside. They finally became so frustrated (note to all we were not chasing - just dawdling along) they stopped and decided to spray us! Harry turned left and Larry turned right - and they sprayed each other... oh my! boys will be boys!

We ended our night with a sit down to stitch (in which the missing bag was discovered) and laid out Miz Rosie's Gyspy Wife Quilt blocks... now isn't it just wonderful?

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