Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gypsy Wife continues

I have to say I continue to enjoy "the making" of this quilt - immensely. I am using up all sorts of bits and finding lots of opportunities to fussy cut.

Having said that - I am also overwhelmed at times by too many choices. When there seems to be no constraints to the endless colour combo possibilties I am overwhelmed. The "Indian Hatchet" block (below) is 8 fabrics. I had to do it twice to get it "balanced".

Other blocks have successfully "materialized" by virtue of sitting next to each other in the fabric heap on the cutting table. "From The Heart" block (below).

Every so often I need to fold the fabrics up - put them back in the box (in colour order of course) - and take a break.

Which brings me to the next two days of piecing.

The story: I was going to make a T-shirt Quilt for my son who is graduating in a mere six weeks. I was under the impression that making a T-shirt Quilt is what all proud mom's do when marking a special event. The boy had given me a number of T shirts a few years back (which I saved of course). I was in the process of preparing to launder them when I realised I was a few short. That is when ALL was revealed. The only reason he had given me the shirts was because those were the ones "he hated!" By that time I had 2 yards of "Baltimore Ravens" backing fabric coming via post plus a bunch more fabric I had impulsively threw in my "cart" (for good measure).

What was a mother to do? Now at this point the Old Guy (aka husband) had mumbled that no "20-something year old boy wants a lap quilt from his mother". Youngman 2 (aka my son - younger sibling of Youngman 1) hadn't really seemed too enthusiastic about this project from day one. But I carry on (fulling expecting excepting that this project may spend more time on a bedroom floor with a dog laying on top of it.)
Enter Pinterest. Yes I do go there. Yes I post, and pic and love Pinterest. And this is why. Need a quilt idea for a guy? Put "man quilt" in the search engine and voila! The Bleacher Quilt.

Link to WIP on the Needle & Thread Network.

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  1. I clicked over to the Bleacher Quilt -- very enticing project and definately a young mans quilt! I love your blocks progress, too!