Tuesday, October 29, 2013

... Slow but steady / WIP

Progress on the "Hometown Picnic Quilt" (Quiltmania Summer 2012) continues. I have finally finished all my needle turn applique petals on 25+ squares - which in retrospect once I decided to get going on them - went pretty quickly. 

I am now doing a hand embroidered running stitch around each petal. I've cut a mylar plastic template and have lightly traced the "petal echo" around each petal. I have a a good selection of DMC floss and recently added some Cosmo floss to compare the experience. Apparently I should be able to feel a  "noticeable difference" between the two stitching experiences (according to a few blogs I've read). I'll keep you posted on that.

One thing I did notice a difference in - was the stitching experience using different threads for my hand applique. I have a number of cotton threads - some Gutermmann, some Presencia, some Mettler. All  were 50wt. some were silk finish. I picked up a few spools of "silk finish" Tre Stelle 40 wt thread. A bit pricey. Worth it? Yes! The thread just slips like butter through the fabric and the big bonus - minimal knots or tangling. Any knots that did occur were easily teased apart. Replacing all my thread isn't a realistic approach - but since I really don't have a lot of applique threads yet anyways - I will keep this thread option in mind for future projects when I need to buy more colours.

Well that's it for this week. I went to a Quilt Along at my LQS yesterday - and as usual spent more time shopping, socialising, eating, trying out new gadgets, discussing techniques and admiring everyone's WIP's... but hey isn't that a Quilt Along is all about?

Linking to the Needle & Thread Network WIP Wednesday project!


  1. The little block is lovely. I do like your stitching. How will you quilt seeing the thread is decorative and not holding the layers together?

    1. Good question! I've pretty much been making decisions as I go... hopefully I'll be inspired!