Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just a little something ...

I was at the store this morning buying groceries and "buy M.D. card" was on the list. As I perused the scattered remains in the card section (which is what happens when you leave it waaaaaay  too late) I was reminded of a segment I'd just heard on the radio asking women what their best and worst Mother's Day gifts were...

The worst? A ride on lawn mower (yes - you have read that correctly).
The best? The homemade/handmade gifts. Now I've made and  received my fair share of sea shell macaroni vases  and Popsicle stick jewelery boxes in the life. I can confirm that yes, any gift I ever got that was made with love was always the best.

And so - Mom this one's for you. Happy Mom Day to the woman who made all my clothes when I was young, taught me the value of a good pair of scissors, and never, ever pass up an opportunity to just make it!

I found this free pincushion pattern over here on paper.string.cloth. I upped the square size to 3" and lined the cushion with muslin. I like to fill my pincushions with crushed walnuts to give them a nice weight as well.

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