Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dear Jane ...

So after a few fits and starts and set backs and reviews and resuming, assuming, redressing, digressing etc etc...I am finally deciding to call it a day....

I've decided I won't be making the "Dear Jane - nearly insane" quilt  after all anytime in the near future.  It's taken alot for me to admit that it's just not in the cards for me...

I've got the book. And the software program. And the rulers. What I don't have is the commitment. Or the gumption.I started my whole "learn how to quilt" journey with the intention of someday making what is affectionately (awestruck) known to all as "that quilt". Groups from all over the world meet, blog and commiserate over their "baby janes".

But... it turns out that applique has hit me in a big way. And I've been hit hard. I have lots of projects in process - from nearly to not even nearly done. Projects that are on my wish list and my wistful list.

Having said that - another quilt has caught my eye... she's all applique - and I am smitten!

... come on now - what's a 196 blocks between friends?

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