Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am mended...

Okay - so the cracked rib has healed. My three weeks of commuting via auto has come to spectacular halt (in which I realize that I hate driving the car back and forth to work and I don't know how anyone can do it - unless they absolutely have to). Granted the halt itself (I merely hung up my car keys) wasn't so spectacular as the eureka moment in which it occurred.

I was sitting (as usual) in peak flow traffic listening to the daily commute radio tweeters and road warriors announcing congestion hot spots, helicopter reports, what road is closed, open but down to one lane, has a new pot hole, a widening old pot hole, black ice, sheer ice, flying truck debris, and whoever lost their couch on Deerfoot Trail - please pick it up at the side of the road (and bring your hefty garbage bags because it's now in pieces).

Meanwhile in an effort to keep myself entertained I try listening to an audiobook (no luck). I read billboards for muscle supplements, free car washes. Bongs and plenty more! A store that sells "girdles that instantly take 10 inches off my waist" (I kid you not). An electronic sign blasts "only 14 months til "not this Christmas - but next Christmas sale -SALE SALE SALE!"

I wearily turn my jaundiced eye to my side view mirror and what do I see? This little wiener merrily riding along on his bicycle. And that was my eureka moment. I want to be there...

I had decided to resume driving for one primary reason. I was afraid of falling. Granted falling for me is nothing new. I fall / stumble all the time. I always have. I have been known to lose my balance while merely standing. I am the poster child for the word "clumsy." Having said that my latest "worst injury" was sustained while merely pushing my chair away from my desk. I prefer to say I was "bucked off" because it was so unexpected and dramatic.

Anyways - I am back to happily walking to work. I am enjoying the snow and cold, crisp, crunchy ice under my boots. It is nice to smugly resume my renouncing of all cold weather haters with a "the problem isn't the weather - it's people who don't dress  for the weather". Yes I can be a royal pain.

Having said that - today is a snow day at home for me. I've got some buns rising on the counter, and I've updated my quilting blog "stitchcat studio." Stitchcat is my sheepless alter ego - since I don't have a cat (and it seems most studios do) it seemed like a good compromise...

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  1. Good to hear that you're "back in the saddle" more or less!