Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome to le Tour de ...Fabric?

Now historically this time of year can only mean one thing. It's time to start getting ready for TDF. As in  le Tour de France - which (if you're on Ravelry)  means le Tour de Fleece. This  is a wonderful challenging event in which we all spin our little hearts out (using spindles and spinning wheels) to reach goals - conquering a perplexing technique - or using up mountains of stash etc. I was planning to participate this year - but I am in the middle of my hexxie quilt top. And  I   r e a l l y didn't want to interrupt my progress.

And sooooo... with that in mind...

Instead of treadling madly through my fibre stash on my spinning wheel for the entire month of July - I have decided to swap out the "F" in the TDF from "Fleece" to "Fabric" - as in le Tour de Fabric. So - similarly to TDFleece - TDFabric will include watching the tour de France (which starts today by the way) and stitching everyday they ride. I will rest day on their rest days. On July 22 (the final day) I will stitch hysterically towards victory - reaching the finish line with the boys as we enter the Champs- Elysees in Paris (yes all very heady stuff!)

So here's the 2012 schedule:
  • June 30 - TDF starts 
  • July 10 - rest day
  • July 17 - rest day
  • July 18 - special challenge day
  • July 22 - Victory Day!
I'll post my progress here as I am able. I'm now heading off to set my PVR to the TSN HD network and pre-thread a load of needles... 2012 TDFabric starts today...

Sew - if you're doing the traditional TDF (as in fleece) I hope you have a wonderful time. If you're want to challenge yourself with the Tour de Fabric (as I am ) I'd love to hear from you!

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