Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilting with Caroline...

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon of quilty pleasures. I went to my friend Caroline's house. This was our first get together (in which we ate turkey wraps, drank tea and watched one of our favourite BBC series Upstairs - Downstairs and worked on our projects). We started with a show and tell.

This is Caroline in her sewing room. It's a wee bit dark at the moment, but it is a temporary relocation as Caroline (like me) seems to move here and there into whichever nook seems available in between children coming and going and whatever space is on hand. The entire wall on the left is floor to ceiling shelving with labelled and suitably arranged boxes of craft. Having said that she is very organised - and of course that is nothing less than I would expect - for that is she. 

This a a sewing machine cover made from vintage Laura Ashley fabrics many of which were leftover bits from dresses that Caroline made while growing up in England. Underneath is her mother's vintage singer on which she learned to sew. (I should have taken a picture!)

On to the quilts. First off let it be known that although Caroline does the piecing by machine, she is a hand quilter at heart - so all of the quilts shown are exactly that.

This bed quilt (above) was made by Caroline when she lived in (Texas?). It came from a kit and although the colours "are what they are" (her words not mine) she says she enjoyed making the blocks and it is perfect for this bed which is in the guest room (which used to be her sunny sewing room - but that's another story).

This quilt was made to go with some curtain fabric she had from another era. It's only now when I see it that I realize she has a pattern with a pattern going on with the pink, aqua and ochre squares. Now aren't you a clever girl?

In looking at this quilt - I realise I need more details. I will have to link this entry to Caroline so she can tell me more. However irregardless of what she says - it has one element that I love to see in a quilt. The backing is a surprise...

I love the back of quilts that have a surprise - it's like getting a bonus quilt - 2 for 1! And you know I am always a sucker for a deal!

And now on to tea and DVD's... in which Caroline snips away at her biscuit quilt - and I whip-stitch  hexagons.

All and all a lovely afternoon - the only downside... too short!

(PS. Caroline has already emailed me to say the biscuit quilt is done and she is very with it - more pics to come).

UPDATE: Caroline's biscuit quilt all done!

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  1. A lovely day spent indeed! It's great to catch up with friends that shares the same passion, isn't it!? Thanks for sharing some of Caroline's beautiful work with us =)