Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hex- athon...

I've been making loads of these little hexagons (actually by some standards I think they're pretty big - 2 inch sides) and I've got quite a stack building. I'm impressed at how quickly the basting is going now that I've developed a bit of a "production line".

Because I do most of my sewing in the evening - I find it a bit daunting to thread the wee size 9 sharps I'm using. I had read somewhere that it was handy to pre-thread a number of needles onto a single thread and then pull them off as needed.

I was quite delighted to discover that I can thread 16 of these little beggars lickety split in natural light (I'm talking a minute or two).

I then wind them back onto the spool of thread and secure them. And there we go. I pull them off individually with a length of thread ( one arm's length bastes 2 hexagons). Since I usually make 6 - 8 hexagons per night - there's no need to worry about threading needles!

 I'm using a Royale Hare brass support spindle to hold the spool. It's heavy and the thread spins off nicely. 

Last but not least - everything packs up in a couple of decorative tins and sits nicely ready for use at anytime...

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  1. Hi Judi, found you over at the Piece and Love flickr group. Great tip on threading the needles and having them ready to go and love the panel piece too. I've enjoyed reading your blog and would love to see your finished first quilt! You did a great job FMQing on your wine tote too. Looking forward to seeing your progress and I'm your newest follower. =)