Saturday, December 10, 2011

Old Guy Gone...

A Bowl of  sheepless handspun

This is my annual Old Guy Gone post... in which I tell my dear readers about all the cool things I'm going to do while the Old Guy has left me for his annual pre holiday sojourn down East to visit family and friends.

Thus far I have safely delivered one DBN (aka dearly beloved niece) to the ski bus, watched Youngman 2 head to work and had an update on Youngman 1's ever evolving revised Christmas Wishlist. I've let the canine in - out - in - out (and so on) 53 times (in which I give him a cookie upon each return). 

I have reviewed, responded, forwarded, categorized and appropriately deleted  all my email. I have tried to open my new digital magazine subscription without success, dialed the 1-800 number for my automated voice message "press 1 / press 2 / press 346 /" -  sent two email complaints and received two automated "we'll get back to ya later" responses.

I've ordered some online gifts (in which no one ever seems to have problems automatically debiting my account).

I've added a seasonal background to my blog (which I hope you are enjoying) and I've taken a walk down memory lane via old online photos that I found in a folder which I  had made at some point in history and managed to inadvertently put in my "financial planning" folder (which is empty because I haven't got around to planning my finances yet - though every year it sounds like a good idea and goes into my "good idea folder" along with various knitting / quilting / and sock projects which will likely never see the light of day either). (This was one v e r y long sentence).

I have drank two gingerbread lattes and scoured the bowels of the fridge for the Wednesday's leftover mac n cheese that I thought was safely hidden tucked in behind the lettuce (which is currently growing a beard). 

It is now 11am and I am beat. I may have to go back to bed - and since I haven't got around to making the bed yet - I think that's my cue...

Am I having a cool time yet?

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  1. Love the seasonal background!! LOL at the "old man gone" activities. Sounds like my week with the guys off to deer hunting camp....except we do not have a dog. Enjoy the rest of your time as a bachelorette...