Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jumbo Christmas stockings...

So this year my goal was to "... get those stockings done!" I'd bought the pattern, fabrics, batting and threads last year - and of course I didn't quite get there. Although the boys are now 22 and 24 (as in years - not months)  I really needed to complete this so it wasn't technically a "quarter of a century" in the making. (They have had a Christmas stocking of sorts - but I always envisioned the handmade family heirloom that so many people talk about).

The pattern I bought (Simplicity 4842) was not a quilting pattern and I wanted to quilt something on the stockings; so I chose the heels, toes and cuffs. This of course required a few modifications (it always does) such as additional backing to the toes and heels, as well as some extra batting.

I am new to the whole "free motion" quilting concept, so my technique really isn't very good - but I forged ahead anyways.

As I worked away, it became readily apparent to me that the "medium size" stocking was immense. I'm of the mind set that stockings are hung and Santa traditionally puts in a box of pencil crayons, a magazine, a few little stocking stuffers (remember Mattel Hot Wheels?) and a bag of Christmas candies (which in our house has evolved into Holiday Skittles and the annual Christmas Terry's "Whack & Unwrap" Chocolate Orange). As I worked I could see that these stockings could easily replace any need for a tree at all.

Having said that, stocking number 1 was wonderful. Or so I thought. (Click here) Needless to say - stocking #2 is on hold

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