Friday, November 18, 2011

My annual November retrospective (in which I look at all the things I haven't got done, need to get done and then seem to still not do) has come to an end. It was a great week.

 I went for coffee, and walks, and talks.  I had naps. I did six loads of laundry while I finished my audio book. I made a ton of soup... and the soup was good!

And now ... my freezer runneth over!

Curried Carrot soup

Roasted Chile and Potato Soup

Spiced Mexican Squash

Winter Minestrone


  1. is that time of year. I'm wrapping up my week with the guys off to deer hunting camp.

    I just filled a garbage bag with stuff that no one else would want, and another one with stuff to go to the Salvation Army. And still I haven't gotten anywhere near the things that were on the To Do list.

    The soups look wonderful. Any plans to share that Mexican Squash recipe?

  2. I hope to get to my drawer cleaning soon because Christmas baking will be next! The Spicy Mexican Squash Recipe is from the "Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special" Cookbook (pg 54). I've got a few of their cookbooks - they're all vegetarian and they're really tasty!