Monday, November 7, 2011

And now for an amazing culinary feat...

Today is Day 1 of my annual mid November "week off". I generally use this as a week to begin my winter preparations. As in - wash the summer clothes and pack them away; bring out the winter wear (which was a bit easier this year, as it seems the winter jackets, mitts, hats,scarves and boots never made it downstairs last spring - which makes me wonder where the spring stuff went) and of course make soup. And soup ... and hopefully more soup.  

I found the video below on the Dinner With Julie (our local CBC celebrity chef) blog as I was searching for a tasty Christmas pudding recipe. I got myself a little sidetracked while looking up Wensleydale cheese which I had (in a moment of adventurous spirit) bought at the farmers market on the weekend. A quick Google search took me to Wikipedia. The Wensleydale was recommended with cranberries, and from there it was a quick jump to Christmas Cake and pudding... and you know how it goes...

But I ended up at Julie's (did I mention she has an ultra modern slow cooker give-away going on? Which of course I entered) and lo and behold here was an amazing video on "How to peel a head of garlic in less than 10 seconds".

 So ... what does one do when they have 6 loads of laundry in process, 27 pairs of sandals to give the nod or chuck for next year, a Dutch oven full of carrots,onions and curry bubbling on the burners, Inspector Lynley mystery blaring on the audio and a block of Wensleydale cheese looking for a purpose?

You stop and smell the garlic...

... and yes it does work. I tried it. It was amazing. And it was in less than 10 seconds. I counted.

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