Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Tuesday...

Well - another tour has drawn to a close. Both of the Schleck boys were on the podium - and if Andy couldn't be first - at least Cadel was a worthy opponent. I was going great guns til the weekend - but the tour finale conflicted with my 60 km Weekend to End Women's Cancers. By the time I got home each evening I could barely waddle much less treadle. It was a beautiful weekend for walking and for a great cause, so it was a contented fatigue. There were 1250 participants and 2.6 million dollars was raised.

The Old Guy was on his fishing weekend (in which he returned triumphant with 50 pounds of fish for the freezer). Youngman 1 & 2 made supper and cleaned up ... I must say I marvel at how far families can evolve given enough time... life is good!

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