Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuck in a love - hate relationship...

Meet Sally - aka Mustang Sally aka Pawnshop Sally aka that #*!!* Sally. Many of you have already met her on my other blog here.
Sally and I are having a tumultuous relationship. It seems that everytime I think "okay today's the day I get sewing!" Sally thinks "Maybe if I hide in the back under the stash, she'll decide to knit instead..."
And if I insist that no this is indeed a sewing day (as in I pull out the cutting board, iron, pressing board, assorted cutting implements, patterns and fabrics) Sally pulls her trump card... and breaks down.
Now - let me be perfectly clear - I am not blaming the Bernina people who built this machine. Each time a switch pops off, or an internal whatchamadooey blows I have to remind myself - that this is a machine with a sketchy past. The machine that may have been gutted for parts. The machine that sat for months admist dusty pawned electric guitars and snowboards and TV monitors. Memories of "The Brave Little Toaster" movie have haunted me...

Really - what could I do???? Someone just had to step in. The only thing both the clerk and I agreed on was "yes the light bulb works" and "yes the needle goes up and down". Both good signs in my book (I was so naive back then).
But back to the matter at hand. Last week after seriously considering selling her (her photo appeared on kijiji briefly until I had a panic attack) Sally broke down again - this time she blew her power board. She has really thrown me for a loop this time.  "Is there no depth so low that you won't stoop to avoid sewing???" Apparently not. Needless to say she has rubbed my face in it. She's back at the shop sulking while I pretend I may not bail her out this time. I've had a serious conversation with the tech about when euthanasia is appropriate. If she doesn't get her act together she's on borrowed time. In the meantime I have signed up for "Mastering Your Bernina" classes... also known as "How to be the Alpha Dog" in sewing machine land...
Sally be forwarned - I'm tired of riding in the B*tch seat.

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