Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving on over....

So - sheepless (which is moi) has decided (after much deliberation) to move to blogger. When I first started blogging - back in the old days (2004) I started on blogspot. But then I wanted something else (not sure what) and moved to Typepad - which I've been very happy with overall (over the years). But... I have to pay for that service. And I didn't mind when I was emoting ad nausea - but I don't seem to say much these days.

But moving is difficult! Especially when I have 6 years worth of "heavy thinking" invested over there ie: "Life is a Fridge Magnet".

I've spent alot of time redesigning the old blog over the years. I pay extra to have the little perks of building my own "themes". But most recently when I had to upgrade one more time to move my banner to the centre of the page... (which I did momentarily) - and spent an entire morning trying to figure out the CSS or CCS HTML custom editing doohickey - I still couldn't move the $#&* thing.

And that's ... when I moseyed on over here. So we'll see how it goes. I have lots of myself over there but I'll slowly copy it. Some of it's worth saving - and some of it ... not so much.

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  1. Welcome over here at blogger. Good luck with moving your stuff. At least it takes no cardboard boxes, nor heavy lifting.