Monday, June 13, 2011

First Quilt is "finito!"

Well I am happy to announce, that after much humming, hawing, foot shuffling, room rearranging and excuses (let's face it I am a procrastinating aficionado) I have finished my first quilt. Which I started here.
In retrospect, I am feeling quite "sheepish" (ha! ha!) in that it took me so long to finish up - when all that was required was indeed "finishing up". As you may recall I was having problems with my machine during my class - first the tension was screwy - and I had forgot my sewing manual (which is a voluminous text which I have printed off the internet). I had to go home to retrieve it. By the time I returned to class, the instructor had solved the problem and I was now an hour behind. On Day 2 I raced to catch up and just as I approached the homestretch (binding 101) I had another machine malfunction and ... just... threw in the towel. I packed up my stuff and went home.
My instructor emailed and said to bring the quilt and binding in and she would show me how... I was soooo close!
Put you know how it goes. I went to hand quilting classes, and hand applique classes. I bought needles, and threads, and of course more fabric. I put up a design board. I bought books and magazines and DVDs. I bought another old sewing machine. I rearranged my room... one  more   time.
I got so desperate I even decided to clean out the Inbox on my email. And then I found it...

"....  August 25th, 2010: Here is a picture of you and your lovely quilt, don’t forget to come and see me as needed to finish up!"

And so on January 3rd 2011 - I did. And it was easy. And quick. And I was embarrassed that I had put it off for so long. I hand stitched the binding to the backing... and I learned on more thing.

I like sewing by hand.

 (Ps . I am late posting this because I wanted to have my "Made by Me - Label" on it. Haven't quite figured that out yet).

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