Monday, June 13, 2011

A big surprise!


I have to confess that it did require a wee bit of liquid courage to pull out the rotary cutter and start whacking through my fabric. After months of selecting, sorting, washing, starching, pressing, culling, revising, and just delighting in these lovely little bits of pink cloth, I finally had to just "get it done". One of my Sunday morning walking buddy's had laid down the proverbial gauntlet, that fabric would indeed be cut - within 24 hours.
Under the template is 20 layers of fabric - all in a variety of pink hues - randomly alternating from dark, light to medium

... and so I did. After cutting, I was to remove the top fabric "ribbon" layer which was under the freezer paper. After that each "block" would "miraculously" appear. It was a delightful surpise! As you can see into the pictures below The "ribbon" fabric from block A (below) becomes the background fabric in block B.

When the A-B block is removed  - the B - C block is revealed.

 When the B-C block is removed, the C-D block is revealed...

 And so on...

And so on...

And so on.

Until, finally 20 unique blocks have been created.  And none of them required a hands on design plan - they just revealed themselves as each layer was peeled back - it was a thrill! It was liberating!
And as a bonus, a little packet of strips and fluff... just to enjoy.

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  1. That is a really cool way to make a lot of blocks at once! Love it, Judi! I came here after you left a comment on my blog, but you are a no reply blogger.... so I tracked you down! How did you make the horizontal cuts after the diagonals? Did you have to move the triangular pieces out of the way first?